Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Post 1640. Tuesday November 21

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

We used to love sitting here watching the setting sun, didn’t we? I remember one day we had a trivial conversation along the lines of ‘how’s work, how’s your mum, what did you have for lunch, you need a haircut... will you marry me?’ You should have seen your face. You had a fit of giggles and said ‘no!’ Then you looked me in the eye and said ‘of course I’ll marry you’

Then your sun set, too soon. Why? I blamed myself. I blamed your family, I blamed the doctors, I blamed God. How dare he? I was angry, so angry. But it was nobody’s fault. These things happen. To some. To you.

That was a long time ago, and here I am watching the setting sun again, just as we used to. The bench is still here; it's a bit weather-worn and wobbly, a bit like me. That oak tree’s still over there. It doesn’t look a day older, unlike me! There’s one thing missing. You are missing. You.

Word count 169

Thank you Priceless Joy for hosting and Footy and Feedy for the photo (I love a bit of alliteration!)

Monday, November 20, 2017


Post1639. Monday November 20

A story in 21 words to include the prompt 'because this is all so stupid'

Thanks Varad and Namratha for this most difficult of challenges. This is my first time here - 
what a week to choose! 


Sunday, November 19, 2017


Post 1638. Sunday November 19

Little Johnny and his friend Maria were always together. They liked the same things; Mr Men books, glove puppets and spinning around until they were dizzy! Johnny quite liked Maria's dolls, but he didn’t tell his friends, and Maria loved playing with Johnny’s toy cars but she didn’t tell her sister. They weren’t frightened of anything. Johnny once crawled up the slide in the park, and last Christmas Maria even ate a sprout! Yuc!

The other day they played creepy-crawly dare. Johnny dared Maria to pick up a wriggly worm and she did. Maria dared Johnny to prod a grasshopper and he did. She let a caterpillar walk up her arm, and he sat a slimy slug on his nose! Ooh, nasty. Maria told Harry to shut his eyes and hold out his hand. She put a big hairy spider on his palm then told him to open them. Harry took one look, screamed and ran down the garden. He was not so fearless after all!

Word count 166

Thanks to whoever you are for the photo prompt!

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Post 1637. Thursday November 16

I quite enjoy being a statue, it’s great being able to watch people without them asking what I’m staring at.

Oh-oh, here come another lot, time to put on my stony-faced expression again...pardon the pun!

It was funny the other day, a bloke said to his wife ‘I wish you had a pair like that’ and he got a slap around the face!

Here come twenty old folk with the tour guide; “How interesting, goodness me, I say, well I never, that’s fascinating, isn’t she beautiful Doris?"

Wow, just look at him... try stroking my marble young man ...oooh, you cheeky boy!

Oh good, the lights are going out and it’s time to join One Tit Tina and Noseless Nick for our nightly chat, and Headless Harry too – no doubt he’ll be talking out of his ass as usual.

This week's cue word at Six Sentence Stories is Marble.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Post 1636. Wednesday November 15

As flames licked the smoke-filled sky, banging, crackling, and the sound of exploding windows filled the air.

A paramedic knelt beside a fire-ravaged man. ‘Up there, my little girl’ he whispered with his dying breath.

‘I hear something’ yelled the Fire Chief.  

‘Daddy, where are you?’

‘Look, there. We’ll never reach her, get the air cushion’

A terrified child climbed onto a window ledge, let out a chilling scream and jumped.

In a garden where an apartment block once stood, a young lady places flowers on a bench and strokes the words carved in its backrest.

Daddy, you passed me on your way up to heaven they read.

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and J Hardy Carroll for the photo.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Post 1635. Tuesday November 14

I should have seen
the writing on the wall
but I didn't

I never asked
when she came home late

I never asked
when she took those calls
from whom

she’s left, but why?
no warning, no reason
no note

this morning a kiss goodbye
as usual
quite normal

now her things are gone
everything except
her ring

she’s gone
but where, who with ?
what went wrong?

I should have seen
the writing on the wall
but I didn't

Word count 78

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting and any1mark66 for the picture.


Sunday, November 12, 2017


Post 1634. Sunday November 12

When bickering turned to bitterness they went their separate ways. Whilst she continued to enjoy their lavish lifestyle, he descended into a pit of deep depression. A shadow of his former self, he spent his empty days wandering the streets dependent upon the generosity of the caring few, yet invisible to most, his once stylish attire now frayed scruffy clothes and a filthy coat tied with a length of knotted cord.

No soft bed for him, not for years. At night he had a few hours restless sleep in a shop doorway, before shuffling off at sunrise. But the other morning he was still there when the shopkeeper arrived to open the store. Thinking him to be asleep, she gently nudged his frail body. He fell to one side, never again to wake. That evening a single red rose lay on the spot where he spent his final moments.

This morning a street cleaner swept up a limp flower as it tumbled along the pavement in the chill winter wind.

Word count 169